Post Stitch Basics

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Duration: 9:16

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Looking to add a ton of texture to your crochet creations? Try post stitches! In this video, crochet expert Rebecca Velasquez demonstrates how to make post stitches on crochet fabric.

Rebecca provides some beautiful examples of posts stitches used in crochet:

– Stripe Patterns
– Vertical Ribbing
– Fabric with post stitches combined with double crochet stitches
– Basketweave Fabric
– Alpine Stitch
– Cable Patterns

When working post stitches, Rebecca notes that there are a couple of important things to remember. For example, you must have a set-up row before beginning to work post stitches, as you are working around the post of an already existing stitch. She also mentions that the reason they are called post stitches is because you’re not working into the top of the stitch, but instead around the entire post (or body) of the stitch.


Rebecca demonstrates front post crochet by working a front post double crochet (fpdc):

– Yarn over, insert hook down under post and back up the other side, pulling that stitch forward
– Yarn over and pull yarn around the post and back through where you originally inserted the hook (3 loops on hook)
– Complete the stitch like a normal double crochet (yo, pull through two loops, yo, pull through two loops)


To work back posts stitches, Rebecca demonstrates a back post double crochet (bpdc):

– Yo, insert hook from the back of the work, over the post and down through the other side of the hook, pushing the stitch to the back.
– Finishing the stitch in the same way as before
– You might find it helpful to flip your work over to make sure you’re working into the right spot

Remember, while double crochet stitches were used to create post stitches in this video, you can make post stitches with any standard crochet stitch. Use them to make all sorts of crochet projects, from hats to blankets and beyond!