• 8:10

    Attaching Toy Pieces Together

    One super fun project in crochet is making amigurumi or small toys. These projects make amazing gifts, or they are something cute to crochet for yourself. Once you understand the mechanics of the basic toy shapes, putting the shapes together to make something adorable might seem daunting. Don’t worry – in this video, Mister Domestic…

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  • 5:07

    Single Crochet Seam

    Once you have learned the crochet basics, you’ll want to learn how to join your pieces of crochet fabric. There are many ways to join crochet pieces together. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates a simple way to seam your crochet projects. She will show you how to work a single crochet seam. For the…

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  • 9:56

    Two Most Common Ways to Join Motifs

    When it comes to finishing a project, the seaming and joining can be daunting. Projects like granny square blankets or crocheted pillows often need to be seamed once the stitching is complete. In this video, crochet expert Mary Beth Temple demonstrates two simple ways to join motifs. Choose the method that works best for you…

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  • 7:19

    Joining Motifs with Single Crochet: Inner and Outer Loops

    When creating a project, like a crocheted granny square blanket, there are so many ways that you can join the motifs together to complete the piece. In this video, Mary Beth Temple demonstrates two ways to join motifs with single crochet. While these techniques are commonly used on motif-based projects like granny square crochet patterns,…

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