Easy Corner-to-Corner Dishcloth

Duration: 11:00

Corner-to-corner crochet is a fun technique that allows you to easily work a project on the diagonal while building blocks of crochet stitches. A crochet dishcloth pattern is the perfect way to explore this technique – it’s easy to make and it’s something that can be used around the house. In this video, Corrina Ferguson demonstrates how to crochet her Easy Corner-to-Corner Dishcloth pattern.

Corrina uses a self-striping kitchen cotton for this project. She notes that many corner-to-corner crochet patterns use multiple colors of yarn, making these projects perfect for using yarn scraps from finished projects. She likes to use the self-striping yarn because there are only two ends to weave in at the completion of the project.

To start the dishcloth, Corrina places a slip knot on her hook and chains six stitches. She double crochets into the fourth chain from the hook and then double crochets into the next two chains. This results in three double crochets plus the chain-3. She then starts the increasing blocks on subsequent rows. She continues to increase the dishcloth until it is the proper width. Corrina decreases for the remainder of the dishcloth, until one block remains. The final stitch is fastened off and the dishcloth is complete. Corrina notes that this dishcloth can be made any size – you can keep increasing to desired size and then start decreasing. Because the pattern is so easy to adjust, it makes it a versatile project, perfect for your kitchen or the kitchen of a loved one.

Get the Corner-to-Corner Dishcloth pattern here.

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