Brenda K.B. Anderson

Crocheted Cables in the Round: The Wildwood Cowl and Beanie

Brenda K.B. Anderson
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In this session, Brenda introduces you to the two beautiful designs that are included in this class: the Wildwood Cowl and Wildwood Beanie. She also goes through all the materials that you will need to complete the projects in this class and gives lots of tips for making yarn substitutions and for choosing the correct hook size. Brenda also outlines all the skills you will learn in this class.
Brenda gives us a brief introduction to the cowl pattern and walks us through the construction of the cabled band at the top edge of this cowl. She demonstrates how to work in the extended single crochet stitch pattern as well as how to create post stitches.
First, Brenda explains how to alter the cowl; she explains how to change the length of the cable band either by adding more repeats of the cable, or by working fewer repeats of the Cable. This could be done to change the circumference of the Cowl, or to correct the size of the cowl if the gauge is larger or smaller than the given gauge. Next, Brenda shows us how to ”pick up” stitches around the Cabled Band, and how to finish the solid-stitch extended single crochet section. She then demonstrates how to create the Ribbing so the cowl can be finished.
In this session, Brenda demonstrates all the steps and skills needed to get started on the cabled beanie beginning with her trick for a more professional and substantial bottom edge. She shows us a few different ways to work our post stitches, some techniques make the cables “travel” sideways, and some make the cabled sections cross in the opposite way from how they crossed in the cowl.
As Brenda continues working on the beanie, she shows us how to continue working the cable while making a variety of decreases to shape the crown. After completing the beanie, Brenda shows us how to add the pom-pom, and discusses blocking this project.
5 Lessons
3  hrs 13  mins

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make crocheted cables? Or maybe you would like to take your cables to the next level? In this class, crochet instructor, Brenda K. B. Anderson will teach you all about working cables in the round. Brenda’s favorite way to teach is to walk you through a project, teaching you the needed skills along the way. In this class there are two gorgeous, cabled projects to make and learn from: a beautiful simple cowl, and a more intricate beanie where you will really expand your skills.

Gain an understanding of the way cables work as you create the Wildwood Cable Cowl. This is a simple cowl, with a lovely, cabled band along the self-hemmed edge; perfect for learning the basics of working cables in the round. You will also learn Brenda’s favorite method for ensuring that the cables don’t drift off to the side, which is a common problem when working in the round.

Once you have completed the cowl, it is time to move on to a more detailed project, the Wildwood Beanie. This Beanie is written in three sizes: Child Large/Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large. While making this project, you will practice making a variety of different post stitches and you will gain an understanding of how the placement of each stitch affects the look of the cable. You will also learn how to read and follow a cable chart, which is super helpful when working with cabled fabrics.

With three hours of quality video instruction, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully complete two classic cable projects, which will be worn for years to come. As you work your way through these projects you will be learning a variety of new crochet skills as well as some tips and tricks, that will help you with future projects whether cabled or not.

Brenda K.B. Anderson

Brenda K. B. Anderson crochets, knits, and sews into the wee hours after her kids have gone to bed. She loves designing stuffies that make her laugh, and accessories that beg to be worn over and over again by her friends and family. Brenda is the author of Beastly Crochet and Crochet Ever After and also teaches a Craftsy Class: Crochet Mittens and Fingerless gloves. She has contributed to several books and numerous magazines and is the managing editor of the Creative Crochet Corner. She lives in a little house in Saint Paul, MN where it is sweater weather nine months of the year and blogs about her crafty adventures at

Brenda K.B. Anderson

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