Tips for Creating the Perfect Amigurumi Fabric

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Duration: 2:55

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When crocheting a project, different fabrics will be used in different applications. For example, lacy pineapple stitches might be seen on a crocheted shawl or vest. A tight, dense fabric of single crochet will be used on items like crocheted toys or pillows. In this video, Corrina Ferguson explores the latter of the two fabrics and shares her tips for creating the perfect amigurumi fabric.

Corrina begins by looking at three examples of crocheted fabric. She stitched the swatches using three different hooks. For the first swatch, she used a larger hook than what was recommended for the yarn. The result is a loose, soft fabric. The second swatch uses the recommended hook size, which gives a nice, even fabric that is perfect for garments. The final swatch is worked at a tight gauge with a hook a couple sizes smaller than what is recommended for the yarn. This final swatch has very tight stitches, making it very firm and dense. This fabric is exactly right for amigurumi projects.

To test whether the resulting crochet fabrics will work for these toys, Corrina holds a highlighter behind each fabric. Because crocheted toys are typically stuffed with a material like polyfill, it’s important that the fabric is tight enough that the stuffing won’t poke through. By checking with a highlighter, Corrina can see that the tight fabric is best. Stitching with a hook that is a couple of sizes smaller than what is recommended for the yarn will help ensure that the stuffing won’t come out of the toys and your amigurumi will be looking its best.