Three Ways to Make a Slip Knot

The first thing all crocheters learn to make is the slip knot. Every project, every chain, even foundation stitches start with a slip knot! I have three favorite ways to make them.

The Big E

The Big E is how I teach kids to make the slip knot. My students 10 and under usually get this method. However, I think adults would love to have this method in their skill bank too! It is called the Big E because you are making an e with your yarn to start and that is something that kids can remember. It is easy to create using the flat surface of a table so that little hands don’t get all confused. Watch my video and learn to make the Big E slip knot.

The Pretzel

The Pretzel is another one I use for older kids (tweens and teens) as well as adults. It is called the pretzel because you are making a “pretzel” shape with the yarn. You can do this one on a flat surface too, as I show in the next video. I’ll be honest, it is one of my favorites to teach adults because it is easy to remember. Watch this next video to learn to make the Pretzel slip knot.

“Nonna’s Way”

This is the way my Nonna taught me to make a slip knot when I was learning to crochet. This is what I use all the time, and I teach this to teens and adults too. As you will see in my video, this is super quick for me to make. Watch this last video to learn “Nonna’s Way” to make a slip knot.
As you can see, there isn’t just one way to make a slip knot. You probably noticed that they are all similar variations, but different minds need different ways to learn to make slip knots. These three are my favorite ways, but you may have one that is your favorite. Make sure you share with all of us how you make your slip knots!

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13 Responses to “Three Ways to Make a Slip Knot”

  1. Amanda D.

    I was taught a different version of Nonna's slip knot, but I found an adapted "e" slip knot, which is what I use now as it is much easier. Basically, the way I was taught is as follows: I would hold the tail between my thumb & middle finger with the tail pointing down towards my palm. I'd then wrap the yarn clockwise (away from me) around my pointer. Then, wrap the yarn again so there are 2 loops on my pointer, holding both the tail & working yarn between the thumb & middle finger. Then, take the yarn closest to the tail, pull it over the 2nd loop and off the finger. This leaves 1 loop on the pointer, but the yarn is now twisted. Pull the working yarn a little & make another loop clockwise (away from me), around the pointer, releasing it from between the thumb & middle finger. Again, holding the working yarn between the thumb & middle finger, take the original loop, bring it over the other loop on the pointer & take it off the pointer altogether. The loop left on the pointer is the slip knot. I find it a bit too bulky if done incorrectly AND a bit too much work. For the "e" slip knot, I make the little "e", but the tail part is on top of the working yarn. I then fold the e's loop over the working yarn & then pull up the working yarn through the e's loop, resulting in the slip knot. (If I had a way to show you via video, I would, but do not know how here).

  2. Sue

    They're all the SAME

  3. Mia

    I like the "e" but I still think the way I first learnt is easier - although maybe not for a young child. I loop the yarn twice around my first finger, pull the back loop over the front and then do that again, and I get a nice, easy slip knot.

  4. Laquita Strange

    To learn to make a good beginning to start to make a knot

  5. Patricia Eisele

    My Nana taught me to crochet around 45 years ago and I can't seem to change the way I make my slip knots. I drape the yarn over the hook, twirl the hook once, then pull the yarn through the loop. I've only seen this method once in all the videos I've watched.

  6. Mary Starkey

    Glad for info as I have a granddaughter wanting to learn!

  7. Linda Hammer

    I watched the free beginners video a few days ago for flower washcloths and basket and printed the instructions and wanted to replay the video as I purchased the supplies. I can not locate the video now by: Brenda K. B. Anderson. (Mini Meadow Washcloth Set) Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Brenda DesJardin

    I do a variation on the pretzel. Hold yarn between thumb and first finger with a loop above, end strand and other end of loop being what is held. Pull top of loop down creating two smaller circles. Pull one circle through the other. tighten.

  9. Cheryl

    I just hold the tail between thumb and first finger of my left hand, wind the yarn around my finger, wind it a second time, crossing the first, take the hook and go under the first, over the second and pull it through. Same when I'm knitting. So there is a fourth way to do a slip knot. My older sister taught me years ago. There are probably more ways than four too. :)

  10. Dianne

    Is the last Nonna's Way, like the Magic Circle?